Like all cities Rio de Janeiro presents its residents with a number of economic challenges as well as a number of opportunities.  In recent years, economic recession in Brazil has led to a growth in unemployment and seen demonstrations on the streets of the major cities. Rio is a city of huge inequality between rich and poor.  The riches 1 per cent of residents earn 12 per cent of the cities income whereas the poorest 50 per cent of people share just 13 per cent of the total.

For your homework, answer these two questions:

  1. Describe two ways that living in Rio de Janeiro provides economic opportunities. One should be from the informal sector, and one from the formal sector. (4)
  2. Explain why inequalities in health and education in Rio lead to the city’s economic challenges (6)

Tips and Tricks

  • Question 1 requires you to describe two economic opportunities in Rio.  This means to need to say what the economic opportunity is (1 mark) and describe it for the second mark.
  • For question 2 think about how poor health and education lead to economic challenges. For example, how does having poor health limit a persons ability to earn a living?  If a person leaves school without any qualification, how does that impact upon their opportunities to get a job?
  • You need 3 developed points for question 2

How to submit your work

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