The equator is an imaginary line that runs around the surface of the earth exactly half way between the North and South Poles. North of the equator is the Northern Hemisphere, south of the equator is the Southern Hemispere. 

People always tend to imagine the equator is the hottest part of the earth, but this isn’t necessarily true. Countries on the equator tend to have high rainfall as the suns energy evaporates so much water from the oceans. This creates lots of cloud cover that acts as a blanket and a sun shield. Keeping temperatures more or less constantly in the high 20’s in degrees Celsius. Yes, that is hot, but further further away from the equator in the hot deserts temperature can be much more extreme. 

Here is this weeks question: 

  1. How many countries are there on the equator?
  2. Name the countries on the equator.

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