A capital city is the city where the government of a county is based.  In many cases, like London, capital cities remain the same for hundreds of years, but sometimes governments move their capital.  The most famous example of this is Brazil. Rio de Janeiro was Brazil’s capital, but the city was becoming overcrowded. Sixty years ago the Brazilian government moved the capital to a new purpose built city inland called Brasilia (see picture). 

This weeks quiz question is:

Can you name 4 countries, apart from Brazil, who have moved their national capital city since 1945? Name the country, the old capital city and the new capital city in each case. 

Write your answers on a slip of paper with your name and tutor group and hand it to Mr Brown in Q7 before 2pm on Thursday 22nd September for your chance to win a prize. 

Open to Alec Reed Academy pupils only. 

All correct entries gat achievement points and will enter into a prize draw to win a prize. 

Mr Brown’s decision on enties is final.