Watch the video about the Pearl River Delta

Reflect on everything we have learnt since the start of term.  Brainstorm the push and pull factors that cause rural-urban migration in LICs and NEEs. You might also want to do some additional research about particular places that have experienced rapid urbanisation, or use the Pearl River Delta example we studied in class.

Answer the question below:

Using examples, explain how push and pull factors encourage rural-urban migration in LICs (9 marks).

This is a 9 mark question so here are some tips:

  1. you need 3 or 4 paragraphs. these could be about push factors, pull factors, discussing a particular example.
  2. your answers need to be developed.  Use connectives like ‘so’, ‘which means that’ and ‘therefore’to make sure you are explaining the points you make.
  3. point, evidence, explanation, link.
  4. statistics make excellent evidence.

Good luck and any problems leave a message below or see me.

Mr. Brown.

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