New York has to be one of the most famous places on earth.  It is the subject of a great new programme on BBC2 called New York, America’s Busiest City. The first episode explored the way people commute in New York and the challenges they face.  The second instalment was a fascinating look at the people and places involved in supplying New Yorkers with enough food, a city which produces almost no food of its own, and where a large percentage of meals are eaten in restaurants or from take-aways.  Recommended viewing for all year 10s and year 11s as this programme relates closely to the topics studies on urban areas.

The quiz question:

New York is divided into a number of areas known as boroughs.

  1. How many boroughs are there in New York?

  2. What are they called?

Correct answers to Mr Brown in Q7 by the end of lunch on Thursday 15th September.

Correct entries will be entered into a prize draw.

All correct entries will receive achievement point.

Open to Alec Reed Academy Students only.

Mr Brown’s decision on entries is final.